Our Programs

We strive to meet the needs of low-income students in Arizona by offering a program that provides children with the tools to critically analyze the world around them and formulate their own personal responses. This is achieved by encouraging children to observe and respond to works of art from some of the world's leading collections and create their own works of art to connect with the curriculum goals.

Trained volunteers visit K-6th grade classrooms and using art reproductions, facilitate close-looking, student expression of ideas, and hands-on opportunities.

We bring a set of lessons into the classroom over several visits that have themes complementing the school curriculum and geared to the age of the students.

  • Explore the building blocks of art: color, line, shape, texture, imagination.
  • Explore different art classifications: portraits, landscapes, still lifes, mixed media.
  • Consider why artists paint subjects in a particular manner.
  • Discuss what an artwork can tell us about the artist, time period and culture.
  • Study art from around the globe.
  • Investigate what art teaches us about people, traditions and cultures.
  • Discover the stories told by artists through their art.
  • Investigate, imagine and create meaning.
  • Discover art from the 20th and 21st centuries and ponder its meaning.
  • Explore the definition of art and how it has changed over time.
  • Travel the world through the imaginations of different artists.
  • “Visit” a kitchen in Mexico, a wild and colorful flower garden, and a very abstract New York City.